About Fatheadz Eyewear

Fatheadz Eyewear, the undisputed leader in oversized eyewear, was founded in early 2004 under the direction of Rico Elmore Founder and CEO. In its infancy Fatheadz exclusively catered to men with four oversized sunglasses available in varying colors. Fatheadz has grown to encompass 5 distinct lines of eyewear that include Men’s and Women’s eyewear specifically tailored to serve our client base. With over 100 unique product offerings, the innovation continues to drive our customer centric business.

The latest initiative under the Fatheadz brand is the All-American Version 2.0 sun program, with 10 distinct and variable styles proudly adorning the Made in the USA mark. This US based development project features strategic partnerships with plastic injection facilities, lens manufactures and molding experts within the continental United States. The Version 2.0 release features customizable options such as frame color, branding insignia and polarized lens options.